Myself. My family. Typical. Down right ordinary in fact. We live just 15 minutes on the Illinois side of the river, from the famous landmark of the St. Louis arch. My husband is a hard working Paramedic and instructor of 25 years.  Leaving me as a stay at home mother of four, Jordan, Braden,Anne, and Katie. Three of our children have left the nest. They have made great strides in their new grown up life. Jordan graduated high school, graduated culinary academy,studied a little in Norcia Umbria Italy,and will be married this August. Braden graduated high school, became certified in Hvac, and is currently engaged to be married in 2014. Anne will graduate high school this year and just signed with a full softball scholarship to Marion Military Academy. AHHH then theres our little late comer surprise and gift from God Katie Marie. PROUD parents of all our children of course!  Like most typical, ordinary, one income families we get to live pay check to paycheck. This is where my new Journey begins. I will get to stay at home and still contribute to my families finances. Can it be done with a simple concept of a MLM business like Scentsy? It can. and I will. Maybe my journey with Scentsy can help others. I want to share my ideas and progress to help you along.


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