Scentsy has provided my family with extra income!

To join my team go to Scentsy has been providing me with extra income that has “saved the day” many times! It is not a hard product to sell. For me it only took people knowing I was a consultant and they come to me! As a stay at home mom it has provided me with extra income I would have never believed was possible from a business like this! In March of this year my husbands company he worked 19 years for shut down due to the economy. He has always been the sole provider for our family. The last month has been a little difficult ,however believe it or not the extra income scentsy has been providing me has put groceries in our cart more then once! This business is not like any other I have ever tried! I think it is affordable to people,it is a quality product, and a product that people love to have in their home or give as gifts! This takes so little of a persons time you could easily do this even if you had two full time jobs! Today I had to write about Scentsy for more personal reasons I just would not want anyone to pass up the opportunity of giving it a try. I know the results will surprise you just as it has me. Today I am thankful for my Scentsy business and what it has helped provide for my family!


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