My Ideas and Tips on Making your own Scentsy Scent Samples


The Scentsy family store offers pages of scratch and sniff stickers that work great, especially for the new scent of the month. It is nice to be able to offer a customer a little sniff of whats new. The scratch and sniff are very inexpensive and is perfect for putting on the front of your books when mailing them out to customers. I have another way I like to do my samples that is also very inexpensive and makes quite an impact. Never throw away your already used melted wax. At my house I always have a wax melting and I like to change the scent often. So what do you do with the used wax? I pop mine out when it is cooled and keep them all in a plastic bag (you could write on them what scent they are, for me it just doesn’t matter) I really just care about them having a little scent and color. So I take one color and melt it over gentle heat in a pan on the stove and pour it into a sheet pan (don’t make it too thin) let it start to solidify slightly then take a small shaped cutter and stamp it out. Use cutters and colors of wax that works with the seasons! Put the pan in the fridge until good and hard and pop your samples out! I put multiple shapes and colors in a small bag and staple my business card to them. I can either just hand out my card with cute little samples, or use it to dress up your book when handing them out. Caution this is not the best idea for putting out mailings in warm weather. This idea is so cute and gives the customer just a little clue as to how good scentsy smells. It is not necessarily enough product for them to melt ,but it is an awesome presentation. I also have found tiny little baskets that I put little squares of colorful tissue paper in and put a whole square of a scent for my customers to try, then with a ribbon I tie on my business card and if it is going with an order I also tie on a thank you note. Try always thinking of ways you can make your Scentsy business supplies or products stand out. Make sure you are doing the product its rightful justice though!


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