How to market Scentsy by mailing catalogs and using Scentsy room spray to make a first impression


In making daily goals to increase my sales and customer base. The old fashioned way of mailing Scentsy catalogs is a very effective way of marketing. Scentsy offers catalog mailers from the Scentsy store. I use a plain white envelope large enough for the book. I LOVE to use the room spray to put a light spray one the back side of the envelope! I also like to put a little purple ribbon around my books , add all the inserts, and staple my business card with my samples! Again, letting the customer know you put more effort into sending them a catalog then just throwing one in an envelope and sticking on a stamp. These simple touches can really insure the customer calls you every time they want to place an order. It does cost a small amount of $ dollars to mail. For me 1 catalog uses 3 stamps. Setting a current goal for myself….I will mail at least 1 catalog a week even if I pick a random address from the phone book. HEY you NEVER KNOW!


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