Scentsy’s NEW 2013 starter kit


  • Spring/Summer 2013       DEMONSTRATION SUPPLIES
  • Simply Scentsy
  • Favorites
  • Romance
  • Corner Café
  • Scentsy Man
  • Tropical
  • Spa

 80 total fragrance tester Fragrance Category Cards (1 set of 9) Full-Size Scentsy Warmer (1) Scentsy Bars (1) Scentsy Buddy (1) Scent Pak (1) Layers by Scentsy Products (2)


Scentsy Family Consultant Guide (1) Scentsy Catalogs (25) Showcase Brochures (25) Product List (1 50-sheet pad) Print-Your-Own Labels (10 sheets) Invitations (100) Order Forms (100) Host Envelopes (5) Host/Join Brochures (25) Discover Scentsy DVD ! This is everything you need to start at great business!!!! Just CLICK HERE TO JOIN OR TO PLACE YOUR SCENTSY ORDER ENJOY! So much fun and awesome profits and rewards! Start working towards financial independece today!


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