A variety of ways to offer your customer party choices


There is alot of different ways to offer your customers to host a party. The traditional way is when a host opens their home offers a few snacks and invites their friends and family, you the consultant will be their to talk about and show the products and take orders. Scentsy offers other ways to make it even easier for your host to earn rewards without the hasstle of opening their home. You may also like to offer a simple book party. This is my favorite way of doing this business as it is easy for them and you do not have to schedule your time to be there. With a book party the host simply takes your books, order forms, and samples to work or to their families and friends and places their order. The Scentsy family store on your workstation offers mini size tester kits for a very reasonable price, this is what I send out with book parties. I purchased a dollar tree tote bag and put scentsy’s name on the front with a little bling, I fill it with several books, business cards, order forms, combine and save sheet, coffee beans, a calculator, ink pens, and any current brochures. They return your supplies with all the orders and I usually have the orders shipped to my home when they are delivered I drop them off to the host. SO simple for you and your host! You may also fill a basket with all the same supplies and I have had a few people who like to take the basket to their office and set it on their desk. Scentsy also offers on line parties, this works great for alot of hosts that may have out of town family and or friends they send evites to go to your webpage and order and they recieve all the hostess rewards. So I have included some photos of what I use and my ideas!


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