How I use dollar store items to sell Scentsy products !


With Easter fast approaching I just wanted to show how using $1 out of my pocket expence helps me keep selling my products. So here is a couple of my new ideas ! As a consultant you never have to keep stock , but I have found having items that customers can cash and carry really works for me. Whenever you do a $150 party scentsy not only offers host rewards but the consultant gets a perpetual reward (1 1/2 price item) over time using this you can really build some stock if you choose to do so. So we Easter coming up I use a cute dollar store basket and some cute metal buckets and fill them with a product. I only charge the cost of the actual product (the retail value of course with tax) and offer it out as cute gift ideas for easter ! Then I will keep all my cash and carry earnings until I have enough for at least a $150 party and restock all my Scentsy supplies. So this not only earns me host rewards to build more stock but also my perpetual and it goes toward my monthly PRV in sales and I’m earning commission on my sales! People love the items presented for their needs and it only cost you a $1 out of pocket to make your customers happy! Another thing is maybe purchasing some cute ribbon and when a customer places an order always include a thank you note and tie the bag with ribbon. It lets your customers know that you care and you know they are purchasing a quality product.


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