Where to begin when your a new Scentsy Independent Consultant

So after you have gone through your new kit and read through the informational packet provided by Scentsy. You need to think of what marketing is. First you need to make a simple list . Here is what some things on my list consisted of: 1. Writing a list of names of about 100 family, friends,co-workers, neighbors ( these would be considered your “warm” market) 2. Give out your new Scentsy web address to as many of your warm market as possible 3. Set 3 new goals, first by just simply getting out the news to family and friends that you are a Scentsy consultant. That in itself if very effective because once the “news” is out you will be surprised how many people are interested in this product! Second, by passing along your new web address. Third, by talking to each person in your warm market explaining your new business and asking them to host a party. Scentsy gives you many different options on hosting parties and that does not mean a person always has to have a HOME party! I love these options and so will your hosts! Make sure you familiarize yourself ( through the help of your sponsor consultant ) with your work station on how to place your orders. After the first steps here your sales will start to roll!


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