What Scentsy offers you when starting your home business ?

R1_0612_FW_StarterKit_PWS_700The greatest thing about bringing on a new enthusiastic consultant is they can join right from their home computer by going to the consultant of their choices scentsy web site and going to the “join” prompt and following a short list of questions and creating their own passwords. This is what makes it easy to join with a consultant that doesn’t live next door! Within minutes of completing ordering the start up kit Scentsy has their own personal web page created for them! They will email you your passwords to get onto your own workstation and the Scentsy pay portal (where your paydays come from). Within 2-3 business days you will recieve your start up kit from Scentsy! I really love the kit they put together for you it is sooo super reasonable any one can afford to start! Also, I truly think the kit provides all the necessary tools to really get you started without any further purchases! The kit includes: Free workstation, webpage,promotional tools, 335 business supplies,and demonstraion products: full-size scentsy warmer, scentsy bar,scentsy buddy,scent pak, fragrance foam, room spray, travel tin,scent circle,light bulbs,and 80 party fragrance testers. This is all a great value at only $99.00! You also do not have any inventory to manage as scentsy will ship orders to you or your customers. You earn 20-25% commission on your own sales. Earn generous bonuses as you build a team, Earn rewards and incentives for sales. If you do not have a sponsor consultant click here and Join my team http://hborg.scentsy.us It’s that easy. And as your sponsor no matter where you are located I will help you start your business and I’ll always be available to answer any questions you may have.


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