Scentsy has the perfect gift for fathers day!


Wow I am loving Scentsy’s new fathers day warmers or any other perfect occasion! Scentsy has a little for all, how about motorcycles, deer, hunting, cowboy and horse, golf, and for the fisherman or woman! This is may’s warmer of the month! to place your order go to This is such a sharp looking warmer that caters to all hobbies or otherwise! Remember to place your order on May 1 and get a 10% discount and the Perfect gift! Scentsy will deliver it straight to your door!


Scentsy’s HERO collection POLICE FIREFIGHTER and EMS!


Order today at and it will be delived straight from the Scentsy warehouse to your front door. These warmers are of course near and dear to me as my husband is a paramedic and my personal hero!

Scentsy has a UNIQUE special offer for men scents in May! hmm Interesting!


To place an order for your fellas warmer go to Wow well men here you go! In may scentsy is offering a special and unique 6 pack of scent bars just for you! This is a host exclusive offer for these interesting scents I’m sure you’ll love them!

There are some fundamental things women just can’t appreciate. But if your guy has a warmer in his man-cave, these exclusive Scentsy Bars will add just the right touch:

Cold Pizza: True gourmands will recognize this combo of spicy tomato sauce, cheese, and basil. • Burn Rubber: The smell of new tires on your ride. • Divot: As fresh as a chunk of newly-mowed fairway tossed in the air by your nine iron. • Smokehouse: The aroma of the magical place where beef jerky comes from. • Scentsy Cola: Sugary soda, straight from the fountain. • Woodshop: Just like 8th grade shop class.

All six Scentsy Bars are packed in a gift-worthy carrying case. He won’t even know how to thank you!

Scentsy has provided my family with extra income!

To join my team go to Scentsy has been providing me with extra income that has “saved the day” many times! It is not a hard product to sell. For me it only took people knowing I was a consultant and they come to me! As a stay at home mom it has provided me with extra income I would have never believed was possible from a business like this! In March of this year my husbands company he worked 19 years for shut down due to the economy. He has always been the sole provider for our family. The last month has been a little difficult ,however believe it or not the extra income scentsy has been providing me has put groceries in our cart more then once! This business is not like any other I have ever tried! I think it is affordable to people,it is a quality product, and a product that people love to have in their home or give as gifts! This takes so little of a persons time you could easily do this even if you had two full time jobs! Today I had to write about Scentsy for more personal reasons I just would not want anyone to pass up the opportunity of giving it a try. I know the results will surprise you just as it has me. Today I am thankful for my Scentsy business and what it has helped provide for my family!



ON SALE! this month only order now makes a great teachers gift for the end of school year thank you for your childs teacher click here to order the scent of the month to go with this warmer is also on sale this month only SUNNY&SHARE



Building my Scentsy Stock ! I love to have cash and carry available to scentsy customers!


Having Cash and Carry Scentsy is a way I have found for me to be very helpful in my sales! Though as a scentsy consultant it is not necessary to carry stock my customers love to stop by to shop! So even if your not interested in holding stock in the actual warmers I feel having lots of scent bars on hand is very helpful! People are always needing them and love not having to wait for an order to go through. Something to consider as a consultant! Today another load of new summer scents has arrived! It may seem silly but it feels like Christmas to me every time!!!

Scentsy Bringing Back the Scent BRICKS ! April ONly host exclusive!!


The month of April only Scentsy has brought the brick back! this is a host exclusive only!